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 The Art of WellBeing "A Full Circle of Wellness" - Being healthy through mind, body and emotions

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My holistic healing business is about helping your healing processes by connecting you as a whole person by working to integrate you with your body, mind, emotions.   This type of healing is to support your individual needs to assist you to waking up your awareness of  your Spirit which is always healthy and unchanging.    My methods are based on spiritual teachings which are practical and have a common sense approach.  Working in the medical field for 19 years I saw a lot of discouraging treatments in a field I was passionate about; yet, I also witnessed a lot of miracles in patients that possessed tremendous faith which literally healed their own bodies and disease processes.  This encouraged me to study metaphysics and especially the study of the Spirit and mind/body processes.   This allowed me to discover the importance of a healthy mind and the miracles we can provide for ourselves.  Medical treatment is still a necessity; however, we can be our best healers to ourselves by staying calm and positive when working with our physician.  Holistic health care provides individuals a healthy alternative to staying healthy and feeling great without side effects. 
 After growing through my own healing processes and helping others, I have a passion to dedicate my knowledge and wisdom to serving others to reach their full potential on their journey called life.
I look forward to reaching out to those who desire a permanent pattern of successful living and healing.  My services are "a full circle of wellness" offering spiritual life coaching, massage therapy, meditation, health and nutritional education, Reiki teaching/training, as well as using certified pure therapeutic essential oils for emotional, physical, mental healing along with Chakra balancing and energy clearing.  
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